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Daniel Núñez Martín is a music composer, arranger and audio designer, born in 1984 and based in Madrid, Spain. His main goal is to provide the highest possible quality in all his works, whether for a video game, audiovisual projects or web-based projects.

Credits of his work feature the composition of original music and sound design for many Spanish video game studios including: Risin Goat, Flying Beast Labs, Badlands Games and Didactoons. In the field of cinema, he has participated in the composition of original music for the motion picture "Mirar al abismo" directed by Roberto Carrasco and produced by EnBlancoFilms. Without leaving the audiovisual field, he has also composed a dozen original soundtracks for short films.

As public recognition, it is worth mentioning the awards received for the best original soundtrack at the Granada Gaming Festival 2014 and Madrid Games Week 2015 for the original soundtrack for the video game "A Rite from the Stars".

Mirar al Abismo Cartel01.jpeg
A Rite From The Stars - The Original Sou
Cartel Ágora Vertical.png
Carátula OST Mathland Vertical.png
Carátula vertical.png

As an audio technician Daniel has experience working on various reports and documentaries for television and/or museum displays with the AVBLV, Media Partners and HeyGroup media producers. He also participated as an audio technician in the radio program Ágora Historia, broadcast by Gestiona Radio and Capital Radio. He also composed all the tunes and musical backgrounds for that program.

In addition, he has adapted musicals such as "Los Miserables" or "Te quiero, eres perfecto, ya te cambiaré" for theater companies in the socio-cultural centers of Móstoles and El Álamo. In 2010 Daniel participated in the social work with solidarity purposes writing the original soundtrack for various reports made at the San Jose Institute Foundation on the occasion of the Solidarity Olympics. 

Carátula OST Buddy School.png
Nice Skating Carátula.png
Body Quest Album Cover Art.png
Carátula vertical.png

Daniel usually writes varied stock music for various stock platforms such as Audiojungle or Pond5.

As musical training Daniel studied at the Rodolfo Halffter and Manuel de Falla conservatories, obtaining classical training on saxophone and piano. Years later, when Daniel was 22 years old, he studied an advanced sound training course at the Francisco de Vitoria University.

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